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Showings That Sell!

It's Challenging To Keep Your Home "Show-Ready" At all Times...

But, It's a "Necessary Evil" To Make It Easy for Realtors® To Show Your HomeShowing your home is one step closer to living your dream

Make it as pretty for showings as you did for the photos. The best thing you can do to increase the proceeds from sale of your home is to be sure that you keep your home "show ready". Always present your home in “the best light”. You never know when the next person to view your home is the one who will buy. You don't want to lose out on a single opportunity to show the home–even though sometimes it seems inconvenient.

Use This Checklist To Prepare Your Home For Showings

It Will Keep You From Forgetting Important Items That Make For Successful Showings

Always being ready to show your home is a grind. Let's be honest here. We'd like to make it a little bit easier for you here by providing this free checklist for you. Download it. Print it off and keep copies nearby. When you get one of those exciting calls from a REALTOR® wanting to schedule a showing, pull out the checklist and get the house ready quickly. Essentially, you're going to be doing the same things you did for the photo shoot. You're likely to need to do them quickly to get out of the home for showings. Hope this checklist makes the process of showing your home a little bit easier for you.

Download TOP DOLLAR—Checklist To Prepare Your Home For Photo Shoot and For Showings Here

Here you can download the tips for preparing your home for the photo shoot. Download the document and use it as a checklist for all showings.

Living in a home for sale doesn't have to be difficultLiving in a home for sale can be challenging  

Now, Let's Talk About Some Tips For Keeping Your Home Always Show-Ready...Without Going Crazy!

The more people who view your home, the more likely one of them will buy it. Most REALTORS®will make a point of giving you advance notice, but you’re going to have last-minute viewings without a lot of notice. It can feel unpleasant to have your life interrupted suddenly for a showing, however, it’s all part of selling your home. Here are a few tips that can make the showings process less unsettling for you.

Plan So You’re Able To Vacate For A Showing On Short Notice

Don’t Fight Reality. Showings Sell!

Use The Sell Your Home for Top Dollar Checklist. Download it from the link above. Use this checklist as your guide to always being prepared for a showing. Before every showing, quickly run through the checklist and make sure that your home “shows” its best.

Think of Each Showing As One Step Closer To A SaleEach home showing is one step closer to a sale

  • Prepare yourself mentally for the sales process. Think about your end goal: getting your listing price, moving to a new home, changing your circumstances. Use this motivation to keep yourself mentally prepared for a showing at all times.
  • Do everything you can to keep the home always “show-ready”. Yes, it’s inconvenient. It’s hard to live in your home when you have to make it look unlived in. No one will argue with that. However, you must pretend that every single viewing could be your buyer. After all, if you aren’t getting showings, you likely won’t sell.
  • Pretend to be a potential buyer and view your home through those eyes. If you were a stranger coming into your home, what would attract you and what would cause you unease?

have a plan for dealing with children and pets during showingsHave a Plan For Dealing With Children and Pets

  • If you have small children, prepare a “getaway bag” with snacks, books, games or whatever will distract your children.
  • Plan where you can go for an hour or so. In good weather, the park. A nearby library or fast food restaurant may make the quick exits more of an adventure than an adversity.
  • Plan in advance for how you'll deal with pets. Don’t expect potential buyers to deal with your pets and to protect them for you. Instead, separate your pets from the visitors. Each pet owner has their own requirements for how a pet can be restrained kindly. Set this up in advance so your animals can be comfortable while your home is being viewed. Perhaps you have a willing neighbor who loves your pet.
  • If you have a big dog, take it with you. Many people are afraid of big dogs and are unlikely to stay in your home for a long time if they hear your animal barking. Don’t expect visitors to love your pet as you do. And don’t allow your barking dog to frighten away a potential buyer.
  • Be honest about pet smells. When you live with a pet, you’re unlikely to notice the smells. If you’re unsure about odors, frankly ask your REALTOR® or an honest friend about the smells. Animal odor is one of the biggest objections potential viewers have. It arouses a fear that they will be unable to rid the house of the smell and, they won’t seriously consider your home. That would be a shame, especially when you could deal with it in advance.

Plan Ways To Get Away FastPlan ways to get away fast for showings

  • You might want to buy a few banker’s boxes and use them to store your personal items in. When it’s time to get out quick, you can put the lid on the box and stash it in a closet. It’s an easy way to quickly clean up your personal items in the bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms. The banker’s boxes look neat if a visitor sees them in your closet.
  • Engage your children in picking up toys and getting out quickly. Again, plan ways to store these items fast. It will make things a lot more livable for you when you return home.

Get help keeping your home clean for showingsGet Help To Keep It Clean—If You Need It

  • Constantly keeping your home clean can be exhausting. This may be a time when you want to invest in weekly cleaning help. That will make it a lot easier for you to keep the home tidy and show-ready in between cleaner visits.
  • Think about what tools you might need to get the home spiffy in a jiffy. Keep them handy

Once In A While Make It Fun

  • Sometimes, you might just need a break. Check out movies you might want to see. You might just want to get out to a movie or two while your home is being shown, or during open houses.
  • Talk to your friends and neighbors and see if you could occasionally have a quick unplanned “coffee break” with them. That will break up the monotony of suddenly grabbing everything and getting out of the house during a showing.Make it fun to sell your home

Clutter Confuses Buyers

  • Most of us fill our homes with personal items, collections, photos, mementos. That’s great for living in your home. However, if you want to maximize the return on your home, you’re better off packing these things away and storing them out of sight, preferably off site.
  • If your home looks “packed”, think about renting a storage unit and selectively moving items out.
  • If it looks cluttered, visitors will see the clutter and be distracted away from seeing your home. The beautiful features of your home won’t be noticed.
  • Realize that most people aren’t able to easily imagine your home without the clutter. You need to make it easy for them to see how wonderfully they could live in your home.

Make your home easy to showMake the Home Easy To Show

  • It’s easy to get carried away thinking that you want to protect your home and your privacy. However, think it through. If your home is difficult to show (too little availability and too many impediments), REALTORS® will pass over it and show homes that are more easily available for showings.
  • Do what you need to do to make your home accessible for showings.
  • Think about it this way. REALTORS® can be excessively busy. If they try to show your home and it’s difficult to fit into the buyers’ schedules, they will simply move on. They’re unlikely to come back or bring other clients.

This too shall pass-your home will sellRemember, This Too Shall Pass

  • It can be frustrating trying to live your life when you must always be ready to leave the home for a showing. However, it won’t be forever. Your home will sell. You will move on and make the life changes you seek. It does take patience, but it will happen.
  • The more that you prepare yourself to make it easy for you, the better you’ll be able to deal with it.
  • Try to stay focused on your objectives and what you want rather than the temporary challenges.

Want To Download A Copy Of This Article About Keeping Your Home Show-Ready Without Going Crazy?

Click Here to download this article Tips For Keeping Your Home Always Show-Ready...Without Going Crazy!


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