Have You Ever Felt Like Saying, “Look At Me!”

Remember when you were a kid and got new shoes to start the school year. You’d prance around in your new shoes and socks all excited about the new look. Well, that’s a good description of how I feel about my new branding and website.
You may have noticed bit by bit seeing a new look creep into my branding. First you saw my new email signature line. Perhaps you’ve even landed on my new website www.endorealestategroup.com. I worked with a phenomenal branding designer, Chio Saelee who came up with the logo and the new look. Suzi Elton, my marketing person built the site and created the new content.
I invite you to come to the site and check everything out. I'll be doing a series of posts here letting you know about all the new "bells and whistles" and features that are beneficial to you-the buyer or seller.