We are so blessed to have such great weather in Silicon Valley and it is truly a paradise for gardeners ... including me (see my photos)! When I describe Valley weather to clients, I always say that they may need an air conditioner five days a year, but they can play golf virtually 12 months of the year (I do!). You're going to have only a handful of days below 32 degrees and even then, you're likely to have lots of sunshine even on those cold days. Believe me, snow bunnies recognize what a desirable place to live we have here in Silicon Valley. We may be spoiled by the great weather!

Here are some of my latest blooms in the yard.  What's growing in your yard?

Dalia, EndoRealEstateGroup.com, 408.560.9021Tuber Rose, EndoRealEstateGroup.com, 408.560.9021Hibiscus, EndoRealEstateGroup.com, 408.560.9021Waterless Fountain, EndoRealEstateGroup.com, 408.560.9021Huge Dahlia is big as a plate!Cereus Blooms for only one day!  James Endo, Broker, 408-560-9021